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Details: Who are you, what is your art, what is your concept behind this year’s theme “body respect”? What drives you to make art? Explain how you’d realize the final performance and what other art forms you would like to include in your project and why.


*The video submitted should only contain the presentation of yourself as an artist and the concept proposal and NOT the final project. However, the concept in your presentation video is final, meaning no changes can be made after submitting the first application. If admitted in the final round, these concepts must be realized as described, otherwise, the Concours committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestant.

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  • Stedelijk ontwerp


  • process design


  • imagineering agency


  • event planner organizer


  • organisatie en communitie


Janina Lorenci

Javastraat 80d

2585AS  Den Haag

The Netherlands

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