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Second edition 

Over €25,000 in prizes 

The New International Music Competition fostering creativity and collaboration between different Art Forms​.

The purpose of the Goodmesh Concours 2021 is to create and encourage musical collaborations between artists and different art forms. We are again searching for high-quality musicians making meaningful collaborations, stories, and concepts that promote the joy of uniting diverse art forms as well as society in general.

The theme of the year 2021 is "Expectations vs Reality".

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Jury committee


Maya Fridman

Cellist and Artist relations Manager for the  TRPTK music label

Maya Fridman is a talented young artist residing in The Netherlands. From her early years of playing the cello, Maya was recognised as a prodigy and was taken under the hood of the Foundation of Yuri Bashmet, where she took part in various TV and Radio programs. During her studies at the Moscow State College of Music, she was awarded as the First Prize Winner in the International Festival of Slavic Music. In 2016, she received her Master’s degree cum laude from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where she studied with Dmitri Ferschtman.

Due to her vast musical interests, she always had a passion for improvisation and playing diverse musical styles. Each of her solo programs has a strong emotional impact on the audience and presents great works of the last century, as well as completely new works of contemporary composers. 

Highlights from her vast discography include The Fiery Angel, featuring her own arrangement of Prokofiev’s opera The Fiery Angel for cello and piano. It was dubbed “… the best chamber music album I’ve heard in 20 years” by American magazine The Absolute Sound. In 2019 Maya released Canti d’inizio e fine by composer Maxim Shalygin, to great critical acclaim. The album was chosen for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant’s “40 Best Albums of 2019”.

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Jacques Goddijn

Founder of Goodmesh


Jacques Goddijn is the founder of Creative Agency Goodmesh. With a group of young talented graduated Artists, active in the world of classical and contemporary music, arts and design, he strives for a meaningful rhythm in daily life to give it permanent colours by designing concepts, objects and events. He sees the covered beauty of several art forms together and their potential. His goal is to help art(ists) discover all their hidden potential and possibilities of Art combinations. 

Goddijn has been playing the violin since the age of six, starting with Eugene Buziau who became a great inspiration and an eye-opener to the Classical Music world. For the last three decades, Jacques has led and owned HR Groep Streetcare. Started by his father in 1972, this company is a main producer and supplier of traffic signs in The Netherlands. Under his leadership, the production company grew into a vision ruler in the market switching from selling products into selling concepts. 


Dana Zemtsov

World-renowned violist

Winner of numerous competitions and developing an outstanding career, Dana Zemtsov is one of the most promising international viola soloists of her generation playing chamber music with Janine Jansen and Martin Frost. 

In 2010 she won the Dutch competition ”Evening of the Young Musician”, became the “Young Musician of the Year” and represented The Netherlands at the “Eurovision Young Musicians Competition” in Vienna. 

In 2016 Dana was invited to join the 43rd International Viola Congress as a Guest of Honour together with renowned violists such as Ettore Causa, Bruno Giuranna and Tabea Zimmerman. 

Dana regularly appears on the most important international stages, amongst others the Royal Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), De Doelen (Rotterdam), St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall, The Opera Hall in Tel Aviv and Carnegie Hall in New York.

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Dimitri van der Werf

Co-founder and artistic director of Classical NOW!

Dimitri van der Werf is co-founder of Classical NOW!, based in The Hague. As its artistic director, he organizes concerts, music-theatre performances and festivals. He strives for adventurous programmes, in which there is also room for combinations with other art forms. With pop-up concerts, he wants to bring more vitality into musical life, and give musicians the possibility to quickly present a project, when the inspiration is still fresh. As a programmer, he also worked for the Stadsgehoorzaal, the main concert hall in Leiden, and for Festival Classique.

As a freelancer, he held various positions. He took care of the marketing and publicity for the Early Music Festival in Utrecht, the Nieuw Ensemble and the New European Ensemble. He worked as a music critic for various newspapers and magazines. As a programme maker and recording producer, he was active for the ConcertZender. Currently, he is also active as a writer and editor for OPERA2DAY and is part of the team that is developing, the new forum for new music in the Netherlands. 

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:

Goodmesh Concours 2021



After an amazing turnout of the 2020 edition where more than 200 interdisciplinary artists united from over 30 countries to create a performance-based on a theme of "Body Respect", The Goodmesh Concours continues to seek the best musicians collaborating with creatives of all artistic fields. 

The theme of the 2021 Concours is Expectations vs Reality.

The impact the last 2 years had on society is undeniable. With the promise and distribution of the cure, we wonder, what's next? Artists had almost entirely to adapt their way of working. Reaching out to their audiences has become mainly digital - a seeming contradiction to the old way of engagement.  Can acceptance of this new era prevail over the opposition to these turbulent changes? Can this, above all, be the new blooming age?

Goodmesh is seeking interdisciplinary artists to best capture their view on what may be the expectations of these disturbances as well as how they perceive the reality of today. 




  • Musicians collaborating with artists of non-musical art forms of their choice (visual art, movement, literature, graphic art, architecture, etc.). 

  • 18+ years, currently enrolled in a Conservatory or Art Academy or alumni no longer than 5 years*.

  • Collaboration with a non-music art form is obligatory, although this is a music competition and the main applicants are musicians. The jury will, however, evaluate the performances and the concepts as a whole.

  • Eligible for all music categories, soloists or chamber musicians up to 6 members. 


Goodmesh aims to find artists who are not afraid to take creative risks and challenge today's art industry while celebrating the collaborations of artists from different fields.


*Goodmesh reserves the right to pre-select contestants not reaching the desired level

*All participants must hold a degree in their artistic field


AWARDS: OVER €25.000

The recording company TRPTK is our Main Partner and First Prize Grantor.

TRPTK’s goal is to create super-immersive listening experiences, by recording the greatest artists in the highest sound quality possible, in stereo as well as immersive surround.

1st Prize: 

  • 1500 EUR

  • TRPTK album recording with worldwide distribution. Award value: 10,000€

  • Press Exposure

  • Live performance opportunities

  • Professional video recordings and photoshoot

2nd Prize: 

  • 1000 EUR

  • Press Exposure

  • Live performance opportunities

  • Professional video recordings and photoshoot

Audience Prize:

  • 750 EUR

  • Press Exposure

  • Live performance opportunities

  • Professional video recordings and photoshoot​

Agenda & Deadlines



Important note: Although collaborating with non-musical art forms, this Concours remains a music competition, and the other art forms serve as an enhancement of the music performed and not a separate category that is to be judged in a technical sense. Goodmesh does, however, require every participant to possess a degree in their art field.

Materials to be submitted:

  • Fully submitted online application form

  • CV with a photo of all participants in a PDF format and merged into one file

  • Diploma or certificate of enrollment in a musical and/or art institution in a PDF format

  • Application fee of 90€ per each application 

  • Up to a 4 min video presentation of yourself and a concept proposal sent in Youtube/Vimeo link


Directions for filming the video:


  • The video should last no longer than 4 minutes

  • 2-3 minutes must be a verbal presentation and introduction of the artists and the concept of the performance, filmed behind a white screen*

  • 1-2 minutes must include a preview of the final performance with all participating members

*The video submitted should only contain the presentation of yourselves as artists and the concept proposal and NOT the final project. However, the concept in your presentation video is final, meaning no changes can be made after submitting the first application. If admitted in the final round, these concepts must be realised as described; otherwise, the Concours committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestant.



  • The jury will select 10 finalists that will have until October 31st to work on realizing the proposed concept and performance.

  • The contestants who were not selected to participate in the final round have the right to ask for the esteemed jury's feedback and will all receive a participation certificate.




Materials to be submitted:

  • Up to 10min video presentation of your final production, sent in YouTube or Vimeo link.

Details: A performance clearly demonstrating your concept proposal from the 1st round of the competition.

  • Portfolio 

Details: max 4 pages should be submitted in a PDF format and demonstrate your philosophy, process and impression of the submitted work. The portfolio should include photos and “behind the scenes” insights as well as text about the artistic approach and process, your inspirations and observations you came across while working on the project regarding the “Expectations vs Reality” theme.




  • The jury will select winning concepts and artists and provide all finalists with insightful feedback and Diplomas.

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:

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