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Performing Arts School

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Creative engagement connecting artists and companies

In-person & Online

Goodmesh Experiences are 45 minute long sessions ranging from concerts and workshops in all art forms. Companies and groups can  engage with their employees, colleagues or prospects in creative and fun ways. 

Explore your team's creative side and grow together.

Available at attractive and flexible prices, your team-building is guaranteed!

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Goldsmith Tools

          - One workshop, any group size (+/- 45min)
          - Bundle of 5 workshops
          - Bundle of 10 workshops 

See the list of our online workshops here:




From €300 

Virtual* concert of 30-45 minutes
Jazz, classical, new and popular music - the choice is yours.


See the list of our musicians here:



“Remarkable Tea-Tasting session!

Relaxing, educational, uniting.

We were a small team of 4 people and it was nice to be at the same table at completely different activity and to get to know each other better. Compliments!” 

—  HR Groep BV, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

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