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Second edition 

Winners announcement

Our Concours received applications from hundreds of artists representing  40 nationalities, 35 musical instruments, and 29 art forms. 

The two conditions for entering the Goodmesh Concours were:

1. Combine music with another art form (e.g. visual arts, dance, theatre...)

2. Use the theme of 2021: ‘Expectations versus Reality'

The jury selected the 1st and the 2nd prize winners and the winners of the online voting received 845 votes out of a total of 2128 votes.

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Arts Unite - Art Unites

These are the winners of the Goodmesh Concours 2021!

1st Prize Winner



Charlotte Spruit and Jérémie Queyras

"The relationship between painting and music raises questions about artistic expression as a time-based experience. We want to challenge common assumptions of music being a linear experience in time and painting being a timeless medium."


TRPTK album recording with worldwide distribution


Live performance opportunities

Professional video recording and a photoshoot

2nd Prize Winner


Johannes Fritsche, Manon Parmentier and Emilien Truche

"By taking part in this competition, we wanted to find possibilities to combine and unite classical art song with visual theatre. In addition, we also wanted to engage once more with our audience in meaningful and diverse topics that impact society, especially in times of loneliness and mental instability caused by the Corona Pandemic."


SPECIAL PRIZE: "Best Interdisciplinary Project" awarded with €500


Live performance opportunities

Professional video recording and a photoshoot

Audience Award Winner

It Rose Behind The River

Sketch351, Nuno Lobo and Pedro Lobo

"It all came up to the symbiosis between music, the written narrative and visuals. We tried to develop a framework where everything is so intertwined that the elements only make sense when together. The written narrative serves the visuals, and the visuals take from the written narrative. The written text becomes musical through sound, through scores, through notes and noise. Our instruments give voice to characters in an attempt to convey all the poetic imagery."



Live performance opportunities

Professional video recording and a photoshoot

Live Concert & Awards Ceremony

Amsterdam | Vondelkerk | 26th February 2022

The three prize winners of the Goodmesh Concours will be brought together for a live concert (including with winners of 2020 edition) which will take place in Vondelkerk in Amsterdam on 26 February 2022. We're thrilled to see these video performances translated into live performances on stage.

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