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Goodmesh Online Workshops offer you a choice of interactive experiences where you can try new role or develop your hidden talents and just have fun! We can advise you on what suits you best in line with your expectations. Workshops from 30-60 minutes from €100 per session.


Better price in a package of several lessons!

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Goldsmith Studio


Explore the joy of creating something beautiful with your hands. All workshops require only the materials you have at home and guarantee you'll spend the time learning something new and artistic! 

  • Introduction to the classic drawing technique

  • Origami

  • Blind portrait drawing

  • Still life and measured drawing


Discover the expressive side to yourself and your teammates by booking one of the Music and Literature sessions. 

  • Primal sound: exploring your emotional voice

  • Poetic workshop


Image by Ahmad Odeh

Enjoy fun and relaxing team building sessions.

Create a dance party or relax with a guided meditation. 

  • Dance and choreography

  • Meditation to reconnect with yourself

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Hands Typing


          - One workshop, any group size (30-45min)
          - Bundle of 5 lessons
          - Bundle of 10 lessons  



“Remarkable Tea-Tasting session!

Relaxing, educational, uniting.

We were a small team of 4 people, and it was nice to be at the same table at a completely different activity and to get to know each other better. Compliments!” 

—  HR Groep BV, Rijswijk, The Netherlands