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Goodmesh Concours 2023

Full Moon

International Multidisciplinary Art Competition, Fourth edition

Application closed.

4th Edition

Goodmesh Concours is the first multidisciplinary art competition of its kind. Breaking the norms of art and music contests, we ask participants to combine music with another art form for an artistically driven and limitless exploration of performance art based on one theme: Full Moon (2023 Edition).

The prizes include monetary rewards: 1st Prize: €5.000, 2nd Prize: €3.000, Audience Award: €1.000, professional video recording, photoshoots, live performance opportunities and international press exposure. The five finalists will get a chance to perform at the prestigious Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam on the 27th of November, 2023.

Collaborate and Get Creative! 

There are two main rules to enter the Goodmesh Concours:

  1. To combine music with another art form (visual art, dance, theater…)

  2. To create an up to 10 minute long performance based on a theme. The theme of 2023 is Full Moon

Full Moon

The full moon is a powerful symbol, covered in mystery and legend. Its bright, radiant light and ethereal glow evoke a sense of wonder and magic, symbolizing the mysterious and unknown. It lets us tap into our primal instincts and give in to our wild side. 

Often perceived as a symbol of destruction and chaos, it also represents the balance between light and dark. The full moon can be a sign of completion and fulfillment, representing the peak of the lunar cycle and the natural balance that exists in the universe. Traditionally seen as a symbol of female energy and fertility, it is often associated with heightened energy and intensified emotions, encouraging people to take action and create change. 

The full moon's compelling energy also inspires individuals to tap into their intuition and experience emotional release and self-discovery, allowing for emotional healing and growth.

The full moon provides a source of inspiration for making unique and captivating performances - what kind of performance would you create based on this theme? 

Agenda & Deadlines


  • Fully submitted online application form, including a 2-3 minute video presentation of your “Full Moon” performance (final performance should be 6-10 minutes long).

  • Paid application fee of €100 per application.


  • The jury selects 10 semi-finalists.


  • Selected semi-finalists must record and send the full-length, 6-10 minute performance of the concept they presented in the first round*

  • Artistic portfolio demonstrating your philosophy, process and impression of your “Full Moon” performance. 

  • The contestants who were not selected to participate in the semi-final round will receive a participation certificate and the opportunity to get the jury’s feedback.

​*please keep in mind paragraph 3h in our Terms & Conditions

  • The jury selects 5 finalists that will be invited to participate in a live finale in the Netherlands.


  • The five finalists will perform their submitted video performances live on stage at the Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam for a chance to win the 1st and 2nd Prizes selected by the jury and an Audience Award.



  • Musicians who collaborate with artists of non-musical art forms (visual art, movement, literature, graphic art, architecture, etc.). 

  • 18+ years (or minors whom a legal guardian represents)

  • Collaboration with a non-music art form is obligatory.

  • Eligible for all music genres, soloists or chamber music ensembles up to 6 members. 


Goodmesh aims to find artists who are not afraid to take creative risks and
who challenge today's art industry. Goodmesh wants to strengthen and
celebrate the collaboration between artists from different fields.


*Goodmesh reserves the right to pre-select contestants to be presented to the jury in case the performance doesn’t reach the desired level

*All participants must hold a degree in their artistic field OR have prior experience in creating multidisciplinary performances


1st Prize: 

  • €5000

  • International press exposure 

  • Goodmesh management: Live performance opportunities, artistic branding and guidance

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​


2nd Prize: 

  • €3000

  • International press exposure

  • Goodmesh management: Live performance opportunities, artistic branding and guidance

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​

Audience Prize:

  • €1000

  • International press exposure

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​


Anna Sitnikova jury Goodmesh Concours 2023

Anna Sitnikova

Founding director of Moon Gallery Foundation (MGF)

Interior architect and a guest tutor at the Royal Academy of Art

Anna Sitnikova is a founding director of Moon Gallery Foundation (MGF), independent interior architect and a guest tutor at the Royal Academy of Art. She is specialized in biobased materials & methods, adaptive & interactive structures to create smart regenerative environments on Earth and, hopefully, one day in space. "I dream of a spacefaring society. The extreme conditions of outer space make circular, self-sufficient design a direct necessity to survive and thrive. By inhabiting space we learn how to foster life and life giving systems and discover how to rehabilitate those on Earth." With the MGF team Anna advocates for the inclusion of humanistic, cultural aspects within space missions, while exploring ways to reinforce cultural practice on Earth from a spacefaring perspective. In 2022 MGF flew a collection of 65 pieces of art to exhibit aboard the International Space Station and in 2025 they plan to launch 100 pieces of art to the Moon.

Jacques Goddijn Jury Founder Goodmesh

Jacques Goddijn

Founder of Goodmesh and Head of Jury

Jacques Goddijn is the founder of Creative Agency Goodmesh. With a group of young, talented artists, active in the world of classical and contemporary music, arts and design, he strives for a meaningful rhythm in d3ily life to give it perm3nent color by designing concepts, objects 3nd events. He sees the covered beauty of several art forms together and their potential. His goal is to help art(ists) discover all their hidden potential and the possibilities of Art combinations.

farnoosh farnia jury Goodmesh director Fringe Festival

Farnoosh Farnia

Artistic director Fringe Festival, co-founder of Mezrab Storytelling School and programmer at Oerol Festival

Farnoosh Farnia is an Iranian-Dutch storyteller and artistic director.  Her passion is to create multidisciplinary stories; storytelling mixed with theatre, dance, music and Sign Language.  She’s one of the founders of the Amsterdam based youth theatre group DEGASTEN.  Farnoosh currently works as a programmer for the location theatre festival Oerol and as artistic director of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 

Ine Poppe Jury Goodmesh Writer teacher

Ine Poppe

Writer, teacher, journalist and artist

Ine Poppe is a writer, teacher, journalist and artist. Ine became internationally known with her project Mothermilk Cheese.  She made tv-programs and scenario’s for computer games and wrote the tv-script for Necrocam: death online (award for best dramascript, European Broadcasting Union -EBU- 2002). Poppe directed the documentary Hippies From Hell, about the group of hackers and activists that introduced the internet in the Netherlands. In 2011 she made Them Fucking Robots about the Canadian robot artist Norman White. In 2015 she presented ‘Teeth’ a documentary about her obsession with teeth. Poppe teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She wrote for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad  (1996- 2015) and produced the scenario for The Modular Body, a transmedial project with Dutch artist Floris Kaayk. The project was awarded with a ‘Gouden Kalf’ -the Dutch equivalent of an Emmy award- for the best interactive project of 2016. In 2018 Poppe made an empathic chatbot called Pip. The logfiles of the conversations with Pip resulted in 2018 In in a sound installation for the RobotLove exhibition in Eindhoven. In 2021 she organized BEFtival, a manifestation about female sexuality with more than 30 scientists and artists in Amsterdam, Since november 2022, Poppe has been renting a studio in Plantage Dok with her husband Sam where they organize (film) evenings.

Yoram Ish Hurwitz Goodmesh Concours Jury Oranjewoud Festival

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz

Artistic Director Oranjewoud Festival and programmer at SPOT Groningen

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz is a Dutch pianist. In 1993 he was the first Dutch pianist to graduate from the Juilliard School in New York with the Hungarian pianist György Sándor. Finally he was admitted to the soloist class of the renowned piano teacher Karl-Heinz Kämmerling with whom he studied for another two years. In 1988 he won the second prize at the Eduard Flipse Piano Competition in Rotterdam. Three years later he was awarded the Jacques Vonk Prize by a unanimous international jury. Since then he has frequently performed in The Netherlands, including many times in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He is also a regular guest as soloist with many orchestras and has given recitals in Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Italy and the United Kingdom amongst other countries and has taken part in a large number of international festivals such as Bergen, Trondheim and Brighton. His discography includes works by Franz Schubert, Frédéric Chopin, Modest Mussorgsky and Sergei Prokofiev, as well as the complete Années de Pèlerinage by Franz Liszt and the complete Iberia-suite by Isaac Albéniz. Since 2003 Yoram Ish-Hurwitz has been a Steinway Artist.

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