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Goodmesh Concours 2024

5th Anniversary


International Multidisciplinary Art Competition

Goodmesh Concours is the first multidisciplinary art competition of its kind. Breaking the norms of art and music contests, we ask participants to combine music with another art form for an artistically driven and limitless exploration of performance art based on one theme: "ARTificial” (2024 Edition). 


As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we invite artists from diverse disciplines to explore the profound implications of artificial intelligence in the world of art. The theme for this edition, ARTificial, transcends boundaries and challenges perspectives, offering a platform to express a spectrum of views — from embracing AI to challenging its role in creativity.

Collaborate and Get Creative! 

There are two main rules to enter the Goodmesh Concours:

  1. To combine Music with another art form (Visual Art, Dance, Theater…)

  2. To create a performance based on a theme. Theme of 2024: “ARTificial”

In this exploration, we encourage artists to consider the following key questions:


How does the integration of AI in art inspire resistance or embrace within the creative community?

Explore the spectrum of opinions and emotions surrounding the coexistence of human expression and artificial intelligence.


Can AI reveal new dimensions of creativity or unveil unseen artistic possibilities? Delve into the uncharted territories where AI acts as a catalyst for innovative thinking and expression.


In the age of AI, how can artists humanize the technology, injecting soul and emotion into a realm often associated with algorithms and data? Reflect on the potential of art to breathe life into the artificial.

Is AI a disruptor of artistic norms, or does it present an opportunity to challenge and redefine those norms? Consider how artists can use AI as a tool for pushing boundaries and fostering unconventional expressions.


What ethical considerations arise when artists engage with AI in their work? Reflect on the responsibility artists bear in navigating the ethical implications of creating art in collaboration with or in opposition to artificial intelligence.


Prizes over €25.000: cash prizes, international press exposure including partnership with BBC Music Magazine, professional photoshoots and video recordings. All finalists will perform at the prestigious Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Whether you choose to incorporate AI into your performance or take a stand against it, seize this opportunity to express your unique voice and contribute to the rich tapestry of multidisciplinary art. Apply now for the ARTificial Edition of Goodmesh Concours and be part of a transformative journey, shaping the conversation around the intersection of art and artificial intelligence.

Agenda & Deadlines


  • Fully submitted online application form, including a 2-3 minute video presentation

  • Paid application fee of 100€ per application



  • The jury selects 10 semi-finalists



  • Selected semi-finalists must record and send the full-length, 6-10 minute performance of the concept they presented in the first round

  • Artistic portfolio demonstrating your philosophy, process and impression of your “ARTificial” performance

  • The contestants who were not selected to participate in the semi-final round will receive a participation certificate and the opportunity to get the jury’s feedback (upon request)


  • The jury selects 5 finalists who will be invited to participate in a live finale in the Netherlands

  • The contestants who were not selected can receive a participation certificate as well as the jury’s feedback (upon request)



  • The five finalists will perform their submitted video performances live on stage in the prestigious Recital Hall of Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam.



  • Creators who combine music and other art forms into a performance (visual art, movement, literature, graphic art, architecture, etc.)

  • 18+ years (or minors who are represented by a legal guardian)

  • Collaboration with a non-music art form is obligatory

  • Eligible for all music genres, soloists or chamber musicians up to 6 members and all art disciplines


Goodmesh aims to find artists who are not afraid to take creative risks and challenge today's art industry while celebrating the collaborations of artists from different fields.


*Goodmesh reserves the right to pre-select contestants to be presented to the jury in case the performance doesn’t reach the desired level

*All participants must hold a degree in their artistic field OR have prior experience in creating multidisciplinary performances



Goodmesh - Individual and group portraits - 26 februari 2022 - Melanie Lemahieu (18).jpg


​Jacques Goddijn, Janina Lorenci and Aliaksandra Pirazhenka

At the core of Goodmesh are Jacques Goddijn, who is shaping the agency's vision, Aliaksandra Pirazhenka, with a background in visual arts, infuses projects with innovative design and Janina Lorenci, rooted in music, orchestrating operations and inspiring artistic exploration. Together, they form a powerhouse team driving creativity and redefining the boundaries of multidisciplinary art.




Tatiana Koleva, a renowned marimba and percussion artist from Bulgaria, now based in The Netherlands, is celebrated for her virtuosity and innovation. She has premiered over 100 works globally, collaborating with leading ensembles and soloing with orchestras worldwide.

As the founder and artistic director of the award-winning Youth Percussion Pool and the biannual Amsterdam Marimba Weekend festival, Koleva is dedicated to nurturing young talent and expanding the boundaries of percussion music.

She has performed in prestigious venues across Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, and more, and her collaborations span genres, including classical, jazz, rock, and film music.

Nina Hama.jpg



Nina Hama, the driving force behind Hama Gallery, blends her Kurdish heritage with her Dutch upbringing to create a space where art meets people without boundaries.

Raised amidst ateliers and galleries, Nina's childhood experiences form the essence of the gallery's vision. Breaking with tradition, Hama Gallery offers fresh exhibitions and unique art objects, inviting visitors to explore art in a new light. Founded in 2020 in Amsterdam, Hama Gallery is a testament to Nina's passion for making art accessible to all.

Richard Egarr000.jpeg


Conductor, Pianist

Richard Egarr brings a joyful sense of adventure and a keen, enquiring mind to all his music-making - whether conducting, directing from the keyboard, giving recitals, playing chamber-music, and indeed talking about music at every opportunity.

Egarr joined Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale as Music Director in August 2020, having been Music Director of the Academy of Ancient Music for 15 years.  He is also Principal Guest of the Residentie Orkest and Artistic Partner of the St Paul Chamber and was Associate Artist with the Scottish Chamber 2011-2017. 



Multidisciplinary Artist

Noëlle van Dijk, a multidisciplinary artist from Amsterdam, merges AI and abstract painting to create thought-provoking art. Her project 'Imagine the Unimaginable' has garnered online popularity and led to numerous exhibitions. 

Collaborating with the Dutch government, she visualizes future scenarios on social issues using AI. Noëlle's art aims to inspire reflection and infuse hope into societal matters. She has worked with commercial clients like Rituals Cosmetics and Moco Museum and has been featured in 42 Lotte department stores across Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

Additionally, she collaborated with LINDA.meiden on a groundbreaking AI-infused fashion editorial. As part of Team Tony's Chocolonely, she contributed to winning six ACDN awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix for their Sweet Solution Campaign.

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