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Goodmesh Finals 2022

Artistic Agency


Headquartered in The Hague, Goodmesh is known for its cultural events and the renowned
Goodmesh Concours—an international interdisciplinary art contest.
Our mission is to cultivate inclusivity and enrichment through the transformative power of art and creativity.


Goodmesh Team

Jacques Goddijn

Founder. Art Director & Concept Developer

Jacques Goddijn is the founder of Artistic Agency Goodmesh. With a group of talented artists active in the world of classical and contemporary music, arts and design, he strives for a meaningful rhythm in daily life to give it permanent colours by designing concepts, objects and events. He sees the covered beauty of several art forms together, and it's potential. His goal is to help art(ists) discover all their hidden potential and Art combinations possibilities. 


"Together with Goodmesh, I want to create concepts that embody the nature of dance, fine arts and movement."

Jacques Goddijn
Aliaksandra Pirazhenka

Aliaksandra Pirazhenka

Brand Manager

Aliaksandra was born and raised in Belarus, where she received her education as a graphic and packaging designer. In 2015 she moved to the Netherlands to pursue her career and, in 2019, graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague with a degree in Interior Architecture.


Currently holds the position of Brand Manager Innovations in a leading traffic industry company. However, her heart and creativity are dedicated to Goodmesh as a designer, curator and creative initiator.

Janina Lorenci

Programmer, Manager

Janina, Slovenia-born former musician (MA, saxophone), blends her background with a fervent commitment to empowering artists and fostering innovation.


With a passion for breaking the mold, Janina invites artists, art institutions, daring entrepreneurs, and seekers of inspiration alike to explore the boundless possibilities at the intersection of art, education, and entrepreneurship alongside Goodmesh.

Janina Lorenci

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