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The purpose of the Goodmesh Concours 2020 was to create and encourage musical collaborations between artists and different art forms. We were on the lookout for high-quality musicians making meaningful collaborations, stories, and concepts that promote the joy of uniting diverse art forms as well as society in general.

We are happy to have given creative hope to more than 200 interdisciplinary artists from more than 30 countries creating unique performances based on a theme of the 2020 edition BODY RESPECT. 



After a long and tough evaluation from our esteemed jury, these are the winners of the 2020 Goodmesh Concours and their works: 


1. Suejin Jung, Qi Lu & Jada German – BREATHMARK 

"Breathing, as it relates to the life and function of all bodily forms, is the central focus of our project. Breathing is present everywhere...yet, this right (to breathe) is often overlooked and we face consequences that threaten our environment and our humanity. Making references from the recent wildfire in California that polluted the habitats of many including endangered animals to the tragic killing of George Floyd, we’ve created in our video a reflective moment to draw insight and awareness on what it means to safeguard and respect one’s body in the face of ecological balance and human rights." 

2.  Muriel Razavi & Raha Nejad - VEILED by Niloufar Nourbakhsh  

"Veiled” for solo viola is about women’s rights as well as the mandatory covering of women’s hair in Iran. During the months of working on this piece, I met Raha Nejad – a Persian Urban/Vogue dancer who has a gripping solo show that is about the over-sensualized, over-sexualized, and tabooed female hair in Iran. Together we decided to bring our artistic assets together and create a concept uniting our art in a performance that has a meaningful sociological, cultural, and philosophical message. We belong to a generation of young women with Iranian backgrounds working in the arts. We strongly believe in mutual respect and love for every human – no matter what race, sex or religion."

3. Nina Naï, Yorgos Ziavras & Olympia Lazaridou – DRAUMA

"Drauma derives from the words drag and trauma. Drag because it's the best way to express ourselves without being too serious and trauma because in Greek it can also be translated as scar. The idea behind it is that scars from everyday battles such as illnesses, pregnancy or self-harm can be worn as jewels on the bodies of the survivors. We see this project in the context of body respect as a chance to talk about different kinds of trauma physical or psychological, and how wounds and scars can make people stronger and proud of who they are."


We strongly believe in the connection the audience has with the performers. Therefore we enabled our audience to vote for their favourite performance. 

We are excited to report that more than 3800 people voted for their favourite artists. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. 


The Goodmesh Audience award of €500 monetary prize goes to:

ContraPunto Colectivo – CALLADITA 

We would like to congratulate each and every participant once more and express our deep gratitude for sharing their artistry with us!

Goodmesh Concours 2020
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