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Artistic engagement connecting musicians and companies

In-person & Online

Book your very own private concert, engage with the best musicians and enjoy the highest quality concerts tailored to your wishes and needs.


From the world-renowned soloists to the most exciting up-and-coming talents, you can support our amazing artists and take advantage of this unique opportunity!


Available in any musical genre, you can now offer a cultural break from work to your colleagues, friends and family.


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Nina Naï is a drag performer and baritone. The person behind the curtain is Georgios Iatrou, a well-renowned baritone based in Germany, singing in opera stages worldwide. Nina has been performing in drag for the past 2 years in clubs, stages and- during the pandemic- online in drag festivals. Her project DRAUMA merges the world of lyric singing with the art of drag, creating a new, fresh genre that plays with the ideas of gender in traditionally conservative environments such as the classical music business. This project achieved the 3rd Prize at the international competition Goodmesh Concours.


Program: a traditional liederabend (art song concert) in drag. The program includes composers like R.Strauss, G.Mahler, A.Berg, E.Chausson, C. Debussy, H. Eisler, K. Weill and some greek composers. | video 

— Budget: €650+



Cellist Maya Fridman is known for her passionate performances with a unique mix of styles and genres. Her concerts carry a deeper philosophy and theme, and her recorded works focus on the development of contemporary music for cello and voice.


Program: “Ritual Concert”

Besides being a feature of all known human societies, rituals serve to connect us with our inner world in which magic exists and imagination rules. The compositions Maya chooses to present in this program are inspired by the magical powers of spells, invocations and of nature, which are the greatest source of what we call mythological and divine. | video


—  Budget: €450+



A recent winner of the Maarten Oomes prize for best classical guitarist at the Dutch National Prinses Christina Concours, Sijbrand Loot started playing the guitar with Rob Zwart at the age of 7. After an entrance exam at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he took lessons with Noortje Vredeveld. During this time, he also started taking courses for electrical guitar with Robert Swijgman, at the music school Fluxus located in Zaandam, where he mainly focussed on jazz and blues. He got accepted into the talent class of Fluxus, resulting in many chances to perform music on his guitar, like on talent evenings, school performances, and the Jan Pasveer competition. In this competition, Loot won several prizes, including winning the 1st prize for classical and electrical guitar in 2018 and 2019,  2nd prize together with a violinist Lucy Boeren in the online competition in 2021, and the 1st prize for classical guitar and 2nd for electrical guitar in 2022. With much joy, he has been following lessons with Izhar Elias at the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam for the past two years. He hopes to start his bachelor in Amsterdam at the end of summer 2023, after graduating with his pre-university education diploma.

Program: 45 minutes of solo guitar recital, full of stories and virtuosity.

—  Budget: flexible 



Pianist Suejin Jung, the winner of the 2020 Goodmesh Concours, has been an invited soloist and collaborator in festivals such as Music Academy International, Ecoles d’Art Américaines de Fontainebleau, Vršac International Chamber Music Festival and performed as a featured soloist with Ensemble Calliopée, Ruse Philharmonic Orchestra, Rutgers Symphony Orchestra, Virtuosi Brunesis Orchestra, and The Discovery Orchestra. She was a recipient of the Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year at the Fondation des Etats-unis in Paris, France. Suejin studied at the Juilliard School and is currently a doctorate candidate at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts.


Program: 'Nocturnes Through The Century' written for piano solo by various composers from the 19th and 20th century including Chopin, Fauré, Grieg, Boulanger, Barber. The concert will be recorded and performed at a private residence in New Jersey. | video

—  Budget: flexible 


Persian/American violist Muriel Razavi was born and raised in Germany and is in great demand as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician in the baroque as well as in the contemporary music field. As a former student of Tabea Zimmermanns, she has won prizes from prestigious music competitions in the US (2018), Poland (2017) and Italy (2016). She has performed at internationally renowned festivals and given a masterclass at “Musicales de Frutillar” in Chile. Muriel is the assistant principal violist of the MDR Symphony Orchestra in Leipzig and is currently pursuing a PhD in Musicology at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg with the topic “Re-Orientalism in Music”.


Program: Contemporary, Emancipated, Diverse

“My virtual concert will be closely connected to my Persian roots as well as to my PhD thesis where I am researching on the topic of Re-Orientalism and contemporary classical composers of the Iranian Female Composers Association". 

The program consists of works for Viola Solo from Iranian contemporary composers mixed with compositions for Viola Solo by Ligeti and Vieuxtemps that blend in beautifully harmonically and style-wise. | video

—  Budget: flexible 




Trio Dreilinden is formed by pianist Liliia Mitronina, cellist Berta Planell Molist and violinist Sabina Curti. The three musicians, who come from Switzerland, Russia and Spain, met while studying at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and discovered their shared passion for chamber music. Their approach to the works is at once subtle and daring. They were taught at the Hochschule by Prof. Edward Rushton (piano)/ Prof. Konstantin Lifschitz (piano), and Prof. Guido Schiefen (cello). Their goal is to keep cultural assets alive and at the same time to use music to build bridges between different cultures and thus overcome borders.

Program: “Classical Trio in the time of the Second World War” Piano Trio in A-minor by Georgi Sviridov. The Trio was written in 1945, right at the end of the Second World War. The trio's performance will be combined with photos and videos depicting pictures of The Second World War and the everyday life of those times, which undoubtedly found response in G. Sviridov's trio. Before the concert, an introduction speech will take place with a short overview of the composer’s personality and special features of his composition technique.


—  Budget: €600 


Winner of numerous competitions and developing an outstanding career, Dana Zemtsov is one of the most promising international viola soloists of her generation playing chamber music with Janine Jansen and Martin Frost during the Utrecht Chamber Music Festival and a recital in Carnegie Hall (New York). In 2010 she won the Dutch competition ”Evening of the Young Musician”, became the “Young Musician of the Year” and represented The Netherlands at the “Eurovision Young Musicians Competition” in Vienna. In 2016 Dana was invited to join the 43rd International Viola Congress as a Guest of Honour together with renown violists such as Ettore Causa, Bruno Giuranna and Tabea Zimmerman. 

Program: Warm, Friendly, Intimate and Virtuosic program for viola. | video


—  Budget: starting from €850

Anna Fedorova023_1.jpg


Anna Fedorova is one of the world’s premier young pianists. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate musical maturity and astounding technical abilities. Her live recording of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd Concerto has more than 30 million views on Youtube and is highly acclaimed by critics and world-renowned musicians. She regularly performs at the world’s most prestigious concert halls such as the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, New York Carnegie Hall, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Zurich Tonhalle, Théâtre des Champs Elysees in Paris, Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo and many others.


Program: “With my (online) interactive concert, I would like to propose some of the most beautiful and beloved pieces of piano repertoire presented in an engaging and interactive way. I will be happy to have a dialogue with the audience, answer any questions, give some insight into the music, lives of the composers, my personal connection with the repertoire I perform and stories about myself.” | World’s most-watched pianist on YouTube, now performing live for your selected group!

—  Budget: starting from €1000 


What’s it like working with one’s significant other on the subjective nature of high art? What is it like succeeding in doing something nobody has done before? How do you stay positive and creative in the darkest times? Join the Oyster Duo, one of the world’s premiere concert pianists and YouTube sensation and Anna Fedorova and Nicholas Schwartz, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra double bassist, concert cellist, and former skateboarding champion, for an interactive concert where they play some of their signature music on the piano, cello and double bass and share the secrets of their creative, exciting and inspirational life together.


The Oyster Duo is a dynamic and exciting pair. Having met on the sands of the Brazilian coast, they bonded over the love of the oyster. The oyster’s delicate and refined qualities, yet the wild taste of the sea, are like sophisticated music-making, it still must be played with freedom and abandon. They also happened to be eating oysters at that moment! | video

—  Budget: starting from €1500 



Maat Saxophone Quartet is a 100% Portuguese ensemble.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this young quartet lives from its “hot blood” - a feverish and energetic passion for chamber music, together with a great companionship among the four members who share the same culture. Prize-winners of the most prestigious classical music competition in Portugal “Prémio Jovens Músicos” (2018), Maat already established itself as one of the upcoming new chamber music groups in the Netherlands and Portugal.

Program: Aragón from Spanish Suite nr. 1 - Isaac Albéniz (1887; arr. Peter Vigh)

Negarehaye Rangin - Ramin Amin Tafreshi (2020)

Dichter und Bauer - Franz von Suppé (1846)

Renascer - António Carlos Costa (2021)

This is a very energetic program that shows all the "powers" from the ensemble, as a saxophone quartet, and also made out of pieces that have a strong and concrete inspiration behind them. “We like to have a story behind the pieces we play so that we can embrace the audience with us, making them perceive and experience our musical storytelling.” | video

—  Budget: €950 


Olaiá Music is a music and video community based in Amsterdam. What started as a personal challenge, became a community in the Netherlands of musicians that want to play Brazilian music together. The core of the platform is their YouTube channel musically directed by the musician Breno Virícimo.

Program:  The repertoire chosen by Olaiá is warm and light, but also energizing. Names like Jobim, João Gilberto will definitely be in the repertoire. 

This project can be organized in many different setups, from duos (guitar and vocal) up to bigger groups (adding drums, piano, saxophone, bass).


Instagram | Video

—  Budget: €300,00 per musician + 

Logo Olaiá White.png


“Remarkable Tea-Tasting session!

Relaxing, educational, uniting.

We were a small team of 4 people and it was nice to be at the same table at completely different activity and to get to know each other better. Compliments!” 

—  HR Groep BV, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

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