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Arts Unite - Art Unites

The New International Music Competition fostering creativity and collaboration between different Art Forms

Over €20,000 in prizes

The purpose of the Goodmesh Concours 2020 was to create and encourage musical collaborations between artists and different art forms. We were on the lookout for high-quality musicians making meaningful collaborations, stories, and concepts that promote the joy of uniting diverse art forms as well as society in general.

We are happy to have given creative hope to more than 200 interdisciplinary artists from more than 30 countries creating unique performances based on a theme of the 2020 edition BODY RESPECT. 



Musicians, conservatory or music academy students or graduates of musical institutions up to 7 years after graduation, collaborating with artist(s) of a non-musical category. Collaboration with a non-music artform is obligatory.  The jury will look for the most inspiring ways in which the music is enhanced by another art form, where the musicians are the ones being evaluated.

This Concours is an opportunity for all music categories, soloists or chamber ensembles up to 6 members, to show their creativity through combining another artform of their choice (visual, movement, literature…).

Our goal is to maximize the potential of creativity through musical expression and to celebrate the collaboration of artists in different fields.

VIDEO SELECTION: our jury will select the finalists and winners through the material submitted online, so travel is not required.


-> Terms & Conditions <-



Awards: over 20,000€

The recording company TRPTK is our Main Partner and First Prize Grantor.

TRPTK’s goal is to create super-immersive listening experiences, by recording the greatest artists in the highest sound quality possible, in stereo as well as immersive surround.

1st prize: 

- 2000 EUR

- TRPTK album recording (worldwide digital distribution to all the

major platforms), award value: 10,000€

- Nationwide publication

- Live concert in the Royal Theatre in The Hague

- Professional video recordings and photos

- “Goodmesh artist in residence” management

2nd prize: 

- 1000 EUR
- Live concert in the Royal Theatre in The Hague
- Nationwide publication
- Professional video recordings and photos
- “Goodmesh artist in residence” management


3rd prize: 

- 700 EUR
- Nationwide publication
- Professional video recording and photos
- Live performance opportunities
- “Goodmesh artist in residence” management

Audience Prize:

- 500 EUR

For all non-musicians, in addition to the prizes above:
A year-long endorsement and artist promotion. Depending on the art form: gallery exhibitions, organizing events that showcase your art.



October 1st 2020, First round application deadline:

  • Online Application form 

October 15th 2020, finalists announcement:


  • The jury will select 10 finalists that will have until December 1st to work on realizing the proposed concept and performance.

  • The contestants that were not selected to participate in the final round, have the right to ask for the feedback of the esteemed jury and will all receive a participation certificate.


December 1st 2020, Final round:


Materials to be submitted:

  • Up to 10min video presentation of your final production, sent in YouTube or Vimeo link.

Details: A performance, clearly demonstrating your concept proposal from the 1st round of the competition.

  • Portfolio 

Details: 2-5 pages should be submitted in a PDF format and demonstrate your philosophy, process and impression of the submitted work. The portfolio should include photos and “behind the scenes” insights as well as text about the artistic approach and process, your inspirations and observations you came across while working on the project, regarding the “body respect” theme.


December 31st 2020, Winner announcement


  • The jury will select 3 winning concepts and artists as well as provide all finalists with insightful feedback and Diplomas.

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:



Anna Fedorova023.jpg

Anna Fedorova

World-renowned pianist

Anna Fedorova is one of the world’s premier pianists. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate musical maturity and outstanding technical abilities. Her international concert career took off while she was only a child and audiences around the world were stunned by the depth and power of her musical expression. Critics have praised Anna’s signature “sweet modesty and wild expression,” which rendered listeners “completely taken by surprise, compelled and astonished.” At over 23 million views, Anna’s live recording of the Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto in the Royal Concertgebouw has become the most-watched classical concerto on Youtube and is highly praised by many renowned musicians. 

Highlights of Anna’s future engagements include performances with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, St.Gallen Symphony Orchestra and many others. She will perform in such prestigious concert halls as the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Boston Symphony Hall, Royal Festival Hall in London, the Seoul Arts Center and many others. 


Jacques Goddijn

Founder of Goodmesh

Jacques Goddijn is the founder of Imagineering Agency Goodmesh. With a group of young talented graduated Artists, active in the world of classical and contemporary music, arts and design, he strives for a meaningful rhythm in daily life to give it permanent colors by designing concepts, objects and events. He sees the covered beauty of several art forms together and it's potential. His goal is to help art(ists) discover all their hidden potential and possibilities of Art combinations. 

Goddijn has been playing the violin since the age of six, starting with Eugene Buziau who became a great inspiration and an eye-opener to the Classical Music world. For the last three decades, Jacques has led and owned HR Groep Streetcare. Started by his father in 1972, this company is a main producer and supplier of traffic signs in The Netherlands. Under his leadership, the production company grew into a vision ruler in the market switching from selling products into selling concepts. 


Willem van Merwijk

Saxophonist and composer

Willem van Merwijk is co-founder of the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and played the baritone
saxophone in this group from 1982 till 2014. Mr. Van Merwijk has been a member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble since 1990 and regularly performs, composes and arranges for this group. As a freelance musician, he worked with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic and many others.
Mr. van Merwijk is very passionate about teaching. He is currently a professor
of saxophone methodics and saxophone at the CvA Amsterdam and
professor of arranging at the HKU Utrecht.
Guillermo Lago is Willem van Merwijk's composing alter ego.
His work is being performed and recorded worldwide.  In 2011 Lago was invited to write the yearly composition at National Memorial Day in the Netherlands that was performed before an audience including HRH Queen Beatrix and broadcasted live on national TV and radio.
In 2013 Lago wrote ‘l’Entrata del Re’ for the coronation of H.M. King Willem
Alexander of the Netherlands, live broadcasted and watched by a world-wide


Arnold Marinissen

Composer, researcher, educator and percussionist

Marinissen’s music has been played by ensembles such as Asko|Schönberg, Ensemble SCALA, Ensemble Variances, Exaudi, Lunapark, Netherlands Chamber Choir, Percussion Group The Hague, Pinquins Percussion Trio, Prisma String Trio, Silbersee and the Storioni Trio, in the Holland Festival, Biënnale di Venezia, Cross-Linx, November Music, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and the Storioni Festival, amongst others. 

Marinissen was the artistic leader of Percussion Group The Hague and, together with Anthony Fiumara, Lunapark. He was an artist in residence at De Doelen Rotterdam, programmer for Muziekgebouw Amsterdam and curator for various festivals. He is a faculty member of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Marinissen currently does research at Bournemouth University (UK) around the impact of the digital audio workstation on conceptual, musical and aesthetic aspects of music creation at the crossroad of composition, performance and production. 

As a percussionist, he appeared as a soloist with the Residentie Orchestra, Noordhollands Philharmonisch Orchestra, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Holland Symfonia, Nieuw Ensemble, WDR Orchestra in Cologne, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Southern Sinfonia (New Zealand).
Marinissen teaches percussion at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with a focus on set-up/multi-percussion repertoire and ensemble/chamber music.


Ben van Lelieveld

Founder of TRPTK and general sponsor of the Concours

Ben van Leliveld is an entrepreneur in the music and audio industry. He founded the company Acoustic Matters, which specializes in optimizing acoustics. Ben is also co-owner of the high-end music label TRPTK and the high-end audio shop Listening Matters. Ben is always looking for talent, innovative ideas and solutions. Keeping what is good and improving what can really be improved. Creating unity through diversity.

Goosebumps and tears of emotion, that is the best thing that high-end recording equipment and audio systems are capable of, according to Ben. The ultimate time machine to the original version. The musicians and composers are the real artists whose intentions and ideas deserve to be perfectly recorded. From his more than 30 years of experience with music reproduction through high-end audio systems, Ben has built up a broad frame of reference of music styles.

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:

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