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Second edition 

Over €25,000 in prizes 

The New International Music Competition fostering creativity and collaboration between different Art Forms​.

The purpose of the Goodmesh Concours 2021 is to create and encourage musical collaborations between artists and different art forms. We are again searching for high-quality musicians making meaningful collaborations, stories, and concepts that promote the joy of uniting diverse art forms as well as society in general.

The theme of the year 2021 is "Expectations vs Reality".

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Johannes Fritsche, Manon Parmentier and Emilien Truche

"By taking part in this competition, we wanted to find possibilities to combine and unite classical art song with visual theatre. In addition, we also wanted to engage once more with our audience in meaningful and diverse topics that impact society, especially in times of loneliness and mental instability caused by the Corona Pandemic."


ArtMix group

"Our team explores contemporary media technologies in music performance.
The musicians are equipped with special sensory neurosensors as they perform. Information about the electrical activity of the musicians' brains is visualised into a dynamic digital canvas. In this form, it is transmitted to a projection screen presented to the audience. During a performance we can watch live how the emotional background of the musicians changes as they play their instruments. The emotions of each musician influence the visuals, creating an overall visual composition, delicately tuned by media-artists."

Expectations versus Reality

Trio Hortus

''Together with us you will be able to experience a person's loneliness and his dreams, the fight against illness and the struggle with distance. His return home to loved ones as a stronger person. Our "medicine" is returning to nature, which is very characteristic of the Latvian people. By observing ancient rituals, meditating in its silence and beauty, we are inspired to further create art, music and dance.''

Women in Exponential Growth

Luka Prelas and Tihomir Babić

"Women in Exponential Growth will be a music theatre piece that explores hereditary family trauma between 3 women in my family, our expectations from each other, and the reality of our previous and current relationship, through a series of spoken word vignettes, guitar improvisations, and video-art experiments that are framed by a piece by Steve Reich called Electric Counterpoint."


Eunhee Baek and Karin Shikata

"In the beginning of the concert, we start with a projected photograph upon Couperin, the pieces about colors with various emotions. During Liszt Au lac de Wallenstadt and Sur les flots, the scenes are clearer and hopeful and the pictures are showing the expectation and promises. The introduction & Reflets dans l’eau is the start of the realization. Through the performance continued to Ondine, the illusion is revealed. With the acceptance of reality, the tragedy of Ravel’s Ondine is performed. At the end of the performance, Poissons d’or, we represent the new expectation after all."


Prommas Team

''In order for oneself to expect something, one needs to have a prior standpoint toward that matter. Therefore, we based our work on two traditional beliefs of our country: Buddhist teaching about "anicca", and the fictional character "Hanuman". Anicca literally means impermanencе, it is the dharma that teaches us to be aware of the uncertainty of our life. In contrast, Hanuman comes from traditional literature. He was a descendent of the god of wind and possessed immortality. Basing our work on two contradicting matters, we believe that the audiences would be able to interpret and exреct this work in various ways, while experiencing Thai traditional culture in today's context.''


Charlotte Spruit and Jérémie Queyras

"The relationship between painting and music raises questions about artistic expression as a time-based experience. We want to challenge common assumptions of music being a linear experience in time and painting being a timeless medium."

It Rose Behind The River

Sketch351, Nuno Lobo and Pedro Lobo

"It all came up to the symbiosis between music, the written narrative and visuals. We tried to develop a framework where everything is so intertwined that the elements only make sense when together. The written narrative serves the visuals, and the visuals take from the written narrative. The written text becomes musical through sound, through scores, through notes and noise. Our instruments give voice to characters in an attempt to convey all the poetic imagery."

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:


Arts Unite - Art Unites

Since launching the Concours in 2020, over 300 artists from around the world have connected their artistry and imagination, making interdisciplinary performances that defy the norms of art known today.


The competition rules are simple but definitely challenging: to create a performance based on a theme combining multiple art forms. This year's "EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY" inspired many to dig deeper into this topic and develop outstanding concepts and visions on that subject. 

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