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Camille Thomas & Rosanne Philippens

for Casaletto Musical Raccoltà

Thanking Mother Earth with music and architecture!

Goodmesh presents Camille Thomas and Rosanne Philippens in a one-day musical celebration of the olive harvesting season on the land of Acqua Calda. The idea of the circularity of nature and its stability is its valuable bestowal and gift for us, providing serenity to heart and soul.

This intimate event takes place in the olive fields of Casaletto artistic hermitage, marking an important moment coming to life in Olevano Romano, 60 km from Rome. Alongside Camille Thomas and Rosanne Philippens hour-long concert, local artists will perform in the fields, and the morning will begin with an experimental concert by Maya Fridman. All this riot of nature and music will be accompanied by the olive picking and breathtaking landscape sceneries from the terrace of Casaletto.

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