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Goodmesh Concours

2022   - 3rd Edition - 

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Collaborate and Get Creative! 

Goodmesh Concours 2022


In 2020, Goodmesh Concours launched amidst the global pandemic. Questioning what it means to respect a body, our own or others', “BODY RESPECT” was chosen to be the opening theme of the competition. The following year with the arrival of the vaccine and not knowing what the new normal is going to look like, the theme “EXPECTATION VS REALITY” was chosen to inspire creative minds to showcase their artistry. 

For our third edition, we wanted to stir clear from the obvious, political, economic, social or personal. Henceforth, we are excited to present the theme of 2022: “FISH”.


Fish: Known as a noun, verb, or metaphor, fish is inspiring in so many different ways! 

A water creature, fish lives in salt and freshwater. We know fish are intelligent and social animals that exist in virtually every colour, yet we feel like there is still so little that we actually know of them.

Spiritually, fish symbolizes rebirth, fertility, the unconscious or higher self, luck, change, health, and feelings. Fish is also commonly associated with the element of water, which signifies stability, balance, and tranquillity.


What kind of performance would you create based on this theme? 


Who can apply? 

Musicians collaborating with artists of non-musical art forms of their choice (visual art, movement, literature, graphic art, architecture, etc.). 

  • 18+ years, currently enrolled in a Conservatory or Art Academy or alumni no longer than 5 years*.

  • Collaboration with a non-music art form is obligatory.

  • Eligible for all music genres, soloists or chamber musicians up to 6 members. 


Goodmesh aims to find artists who are not afraid to take creative risks and challenge today's art industry while celebrating the collaborations of artists from different fields.


*Goodmesh reserves the right to pre-select contestants to be presented to the jury in case the performance doesn’t reach the desired level

**All participants must hold a degree in their artistic field and at least one must be enrolled in a musical institution or hold a degree that does not exceed 5 years


​​​​​2nd Prize

  • 3000 EUR

  • International Press Exposure

  • Goodmesh Management: Live performance opportunities, artistic branding and guidance.

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​

​​​1st Prize

  • 5000 EUR

  • International Press Exposure

  • Goodmesh Management: Live performance opportunities, artistic branding and guidance.

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​

​​​​Audience Prize

  • 1000 EUR

  • International Press Exposure

  • Professional photoshoot and video recording​

Agenda & Deadlines

October 1st 2022 (12 PM UCT), First Round Online Application:


To be submitted:

  • Fully submitted online application form

  • Paid application fee of 125€ per each application 

  • CV with a photo of all participants in a PDF format and merged into one file

  • Diploma or certificate of enrollment in a musical and/or art institution in a PDF format

  • Video performance: 8-10 minute video presentation of your final production, sent via YouTube or Vimeo link. The video performance should be as close as possible to the final, live performance .

  • Portfolio: maximum of 3 pages should be submitted in a PDF format demonstrating your philosophy, process and impression of the submitted work, including photos and “behind the scenes” insights of the submitted work.  

October 15th 2022, Finalists Announcement:

  • The jury will select five finalists that will be invited to The Netherlands to present their video performances live in front of the jury and the audience.

  • The contestants who were not selected to participate in the final round will all receive a participation certificate as well as the right to ask for the jury’s feedback.


December 1st 2022, 19h-21h, Live Final Round and Winner's Announcement:


  • The five finalists will perform their submitted video performances live on stage in Theater de Regentes in The Hague. They will get a chance to win a first and second prize selected by the jury and an audience prize. Read more about the event and get your tickets here.

If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:

Jury committee

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Rachel Xi Zhang

Percussionist,  Ph.D, Marimba One and Encore Mallets artist

Rachel Xi Zhang spent most of her youth studying piano in Shenzhen, China. She acquired a taste for unconventional pitch and timbre by beating on random objects through her rebellious youth and finds her soul in peace when touching a marimba. The vibration of her sound can be described as rooted to classical music from an earlier era, yet engraved with the characteristics derived from countless collaborations with composers of her generation.

Melchior Huurdeman

Editor, TV and Radio presenter

Melchior Huurdeman is a Dutch editor and presenter of music programs on radio and television. After studying classical piano, he wrote for the music magazine Entr'acte and was editor of the Volkskrant for two years. In 1993 he started at VPRO, where he was editor-in-chief of the program Reiziger in Muziek from 1994 to 2000. He then presented the program Vrije Geluiden as the successor to Hans Flupsen from the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. He was also editor-in-chief of NPO Radio 4. Huurdeman made programs for the VPRO such as Moondive, RAM, North Sea Jazz and Ring des Nibelungen. In the documentaries made by him, Rogier van Otterloo, Klára Würtz and the piano sonata in B by Liszt took center stage. Melchior was head of the NJO Muziekzomer festival from 2007 to 2009 and programmed the music range of the Kunstkerk in Dordrecht.

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Anke Roder

Visual Artist

Anke Roder was born in Bayreuth and moved to the Netherlands in her youth. She was educated at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch and worked as an artist in residence in India and Norway, among other places. In her landscape paintings, colour and space are reduced to the essence in minimally abstracted compositions. In addition to painting, she regularly writes articles about visual art.


“I believe that art speaks a universal language that can not only connect and touch people but also extends beyond the observable. All art forms resonate in time and transform images and sounds into new memories.”

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Guido van Oorschot

Music Journalist

Dutch music journalist Guido van Oorschot (1961) studied the recorder at the conservatories of Tilburg and Amsterdam, as well as musicology at Utrecht University. He served as a staff member of the Utrecht Early Music Festival and later switched to journalism. He was the editor-in-chief of the music magazines Klassieke Zaken and Luister. Guido writes reviews, interviews and reportage for the Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant. 

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Jacques Goddijn

Founder of Goodmesh


Jacques Goddijn is the founder of Creative Agency Goodmesh. With a group of young talented graduated Artists, active in the world of classical and contemporary music, arts and design, he strives for a meaningful rhythm in daily life to give it permanent colours by designing concepts, objects and events. He sees the covered beauty of several art forms together and their potential. His goal is to help art(ists) discover all their hidden potential and possibilities of Art combinations. 

Goddijn has been playing the violin since the age of six, starting with Eugene Buziau who became a great inspiration and an eye-opener to the Classical Music world. For the last three decades, Jacques has led and owned HR Groep Streetcare, the company as the main producer and supplier of traffic signs in The Netherlands. Under his leadership, the production company grew into a vision ruler in the market switching from selling products to selling concepts. 


If you have questions regarding your application or you are looking for additional information, you can contact us by e-mail:

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