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Goodmesh Concours:

The Winners' Concert

The First Prize, Second Prize, and Audience Award Winners of the Goodmesh Concours 2020 and 2021 performed together in one celebratory concert on February 26th in the Vondelkerk Amsterdam.​


  • Violinist Charlotte Spruit (Netherlands) & painter Jérémie Queyras (France)

  • Drag baritone Nina Naï, pianist Yorgos Ziavras and art directors Olympia Lazaridou and Georgios Iatrou (Greece)

  • Violist Muriel Razavi and dancer Raha Nejad (Germany/Iran)

  • Pianist Suejin Jung (South Korea), video artist Qi Lu and dancer Jada German (USA)

  • Contemporary ensemble Sketch351, composer Nuno Lobo and video artist Pedro Lobo (Portugal)

  • Baritone Johannes Fritsche, pianist Manon Parmentier and puppeteer/actor Emilien Truche (Germany)

Photographer: Mélanie Lemahieu 

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